Why register your semi-trailers with National Trailer Registration?

The cost of registering commercial trailers in many states is very expensive. We’re able to help truck drivers and trucking companies save money by registering their trailers in Maine. In many cases, this will save hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the life of the trailer.

Have you noticed that all across the United States Maine license plates can be found on most semi- trailers? Now you know the reason why – registering trailers with National Trailer Registration through the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles saves money.

Maine Trailer Registration

National Trailer Registration is part of Maine-ly Titles, Inc. We are a registered statutory agent for the State of Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles. This means we are licensed by the State of Maine to provide Maine license plates for trailers regardless of which state the trailer originates from.

Commercial Trailer Registration

National Trailer Registration specializes in commercial trailer registrations. We’re able to provide low- cost Maine Commercial Trailer Registrations to individuals and trucking companies located anywhere in the United States. We’ll register a single trailer or your whole fleet – and we do it all online, fast and easy.

Getting Started With Us

To get started with your Maine trailer registration, simply use the form above to create a free account. Once your account is created, you can enter as many trailers as you like on the trailer management system. Even if your trailer isn’t due for renewal, you can enter it in and we’ll send you an email when it’s time. Once entered, you can register any or all of your trailers with a few mouse clicks.